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    Title Featuring Running Time
    ID Window Wallet (Added 03/29/2018)George Hurst20:19
    Candle Holder (Added 02/22/2018)George Hurst11:13
    Money Clip Wallet (Added 01/18/2018)George Hurst10:36
    Ball Stand (Added 12/14/2017)George Hurst11:04
    Snake Gaiters (Added 11/16/2017)George Hurst20:27
    Pancake Style Mini Flashlight Carrier (Added 11/02/2017)George Hurst12:57
    Chinese Checkers Board (Added 10/19/2017)George Hurst21:39
    Boot Belts (Added 10/05/2017)George Hurst11:00
    Axe Cover (Added 09/21/2017)George Hurst18:30
    Coloring a Snowy Owl (Added 09/07/2017)George Hurst10:05
    Carving a Snowy Owl (Added 08/24/2017)George Hurst29:57
    Tape Measure Case (Added 08/10/2017) George Hurst18:12
    Wristwatch Fob (Added 07/27/2017) George Hurst18:42
    Coaster Holder II (Added 07/13/2017) George Hurst14:59
    Pocket Bill & Coin Purse (Added 06/29/2017) George Hurst11:41
    Covering Cans (Added 06/14/2017) George Hurst13:26
    Sure-Grip Shears Case (Added 06/01/2017) George Hurst12:46
    Bathroom Tissue Cover (Added 05/25/2017) George Hurst9:00
    Bicycle Handlebar Bag (Added 05/18/2017) George Hurst22:25
    Flask Carrying Case II (Added 05/10/2017) George Hurst14:27
    Playing Card Case (Added 05/04/2017) George Hurst14:55
    Pocket Protector (Added 04/26/2017) George Hurst10:23
    Hip Bottle Carrier (Added 04/19/2017) George Hurst15:51
    Leather Feather Wristband (Added 04/12/2017) George Hurst21:07
    Long Wallet (Added 04/05/2017) George Hurst10:04
    Hatchet Cover (Added 03/29/2017) George Hurst9:22
    Belt Pouch with Phone Pocket (Added 03/22/2017) George Hurst33:25
    Expandable Flower Pot Holder (Added 03/16/2017) George Hurst12:22
    Border Stamping Finesse (Added 03/09/2017) George Hurst12:05
    Tin Box Leather Case (Added 03/01/2017) George Hurst17:54
    Steampunk Style Bandolier (Added 02/22/2017) George Hurst27:00
    Trucker's Log Book Cover (Added 02/15/2017) George Hurst19:01
    Coloring Roses (Added 02/09/2017) George Hurst15:00
    Pocket Photo Album (Added 02/02/2017) George Hurst13:17
    Bold Watch Bands (Added 01/27/2017) George Hurst21:51
    Coloring a Longhorn Head (Added 01/20/2017) George Hurst21:38
    Deluxe Billfold (Added 01/13/2017) George Hurst22:53
    Coloring a Tiger Head (Added 01/06/2017) George Hurst17:37
    Lace / Thread Dispenser (Added 12/29/2016) George Hurst12:38
    Coloring a Flying Eagle (Added 12/23/2016) George Hurst14:48
    Carving a Ruffed Grouse (Added 12/02/2016) George Hurst25:56
    Coloring a Bighorn Sheep (Added 11/23/2016) George Hurst22:36
    Triple Fold Billfold (Added 11/17/2016) George Hurst18:58
    Coloring a Standing Moose (Added 11/09/2016) George Hurst22:28
    Bi-Fold Billfold (Added 11/03/2016) George Hurst21:49
    Coloring a Mallard Duck (Added 10/27/2016) George Hurst26:11
    Crusader-Style Breastplate (Added 10/19/2016) George Hurst33:39
    Coloring a Roadrunner (Added 10/12/2016) George Hurst22:29
    Molded Wallet Carrying Case (Added 10/05/2016) George Hurst19:53
    Coloring a Basset Hound (Added 9/29/2016) George Hurst10:38
    Carving a Basset Hound (Added 9/21/2016) George Hurst27:37
    Strap Closure Book Cover (Added 9/15/2016) George Hurst29:21
    Coloring a Cougar Head (Added 9/7/2016) George Hurst21:54
    Basic Billfold (Added 8/30/2016) George Hurst20:12
    Coloring a Boxer (Added 8/24/2016) George Hurst14:32
    Carving a Boxer (Added 8/16/2016) George Hurst29:55
    Necktie Holder (Added 8/10/2016) George Hurst14:58
    Coloring a Screech Owl (Added 8/3/2016) George Hurst24:44
    Carving a Squirrel (Added 7/29/2016) George Hurst38:26
    iPad Hand Holder (Added 7/21/2016) George Hurst15:02
    Coloring a Standing Buffalo (Added 7/21/2016) Charlie Davenport14:19
    Old Jeans Handbag (Added 7/1/2016) George Hurst24:45
    Scenery Carving - Developing a Pattern (Added 6/23/2016) George Hurst33:45
    Crusader Style Gauntlets (Added 6/16/2016) George Hurst14:59
    Japanese Style Roper Wallet 2 Pts (Added 6/8/2016) George Hurst17:58
    Coloring a Bear Head (Added 6/2/2016) Charlie Davenport15:01
    Flask Carrying Case 2 Pts (Added 5/26/2016) George Hurst28:55
    Carving a Wolf Head 3 Pts (Added 5/6/2016) George Hurst33:46
    Crusader-Style Over-Shldr Sword Carrier (Added 5/4/2016) George Hurst23:57
    Crusader-Style Belt Sword Carrier (Added 4/28/2016) George Hurst13:22
    Plug Embossing a Large Mouth Bass (Added 4/22/2016) George Hurst45:57
    Cartridge Belt 2 Pts (Added 4/13/2016) George Hurst21:21
    Mini Video Camera Case 2 Pts (Added 3/30/2016) George Hurst27:51
    Women's Cinch Belt (Added 3/25/2016) George Hurst12:10
    Stylish Leather Box 2 Pts (Added 3/16/2016) George Hurst18:46
    Sporran-How to Make a Leather 2 Pts (Added 3/9/2016) George Hurst26:44
    Barber's Razor Strop (Added 3/2/2016) George Hurst13:08
    Adding Bling-Belts - 2 Parts George Hurst21:26
    Adding Bling-Bracelets George Hurst14:54
    Adding Bling-Sandals George Hurst12:56
    Adding Bling-String Bags - 3 parts George Hurst34:31
    American Beauty Rose - 2 Parts George Hurst24:59
    American West Cell Phone Holster George Hurst12:56
    Archery Arm Guards 2 Pts George Hurst20:58
    Archery Hunting Quiver 3 Pts George Hurst39:26
    Arrowhead Basket Stamping George Hurst13:59
    Backpack-How to Make 3 Pts George Hurst41:12
    Ball Cap Bill Cover George Hurst15:02
    Basic Bookbinding George Hurst6:44
    Basic Leather Stamping George Hurst10:08
    Basic Western Floral Carving George Hurst13:11
    Beer Growler Carrying Case 3 Pts George Hurst34:24
    Belt Key Ring Carrier George Hurst10:50
    Belt Making-Biker-2 Parts George Hurst23:19
    Belt Making-Dress & Casual-2 Parts George Hurst25:03
    Belt Making-Outdoorsman George Hurst14:16
    Belt Making-Southwestern-2 Parts George Hurst22:04
    Belt Making-Steampunk George Hurst7:23
    Belt Wallets 2 Pts George Hurst20:59
    Biker Saddle Bags - 3 Parts George Hurst38:10
    Biker's Wallet George Hurst21:37
    Binocular Carrying Case 3 Pts George Hurst38:12
    Book Cover George Hurst12:34
    Braided Bracelets George Hurst13:15
    Breast Collar - 2 Parts George Hurst18:58
    Bucking Rolls - 3 Parts George Hurst37:04
    Burnisher Cover George Hurst11:02
    Can Koozie 2 Pts George Hurst29:34
    Carving a Bald Eagle Head - 2 Parts Jim Linnell26:03
    Carving a Bear Head - 3 Parts George Hurst44:42
    Carving a Bighorn Sheep Head - 3 Parts George Hurst33:38
    Carving a Big Mouth Bass - 2 Parts George Hurst27:53
    Carving a Bison Head - 3 Parts George Hurst39:59
    Carving a Cougar Head - 3 Parts George Hurst35:35
    Carving an Elk Head - 3 Parts George Hurst32:10
    Carving a Flying Eagle - 3 Parts George Hurst40:33
    Carving a Longhorn Head - 2 Parts George Hurst27:19
    Carving a Mallard Duck - 2 Parts George Hurst26:03
    Carving a Rainbow Trout - 2 Parts George Hurst23:51
    Carving a Road Runner - 2 Parts George Hurst29:28
    Carving a Screech Owl - 3 Parts George Hurst38:56
    Carving a Standing Buffalo - 3 Parts George Hurst39:58
    Carving a Standing Eagle - 3 Parts George Hurst31:55
    Carving a Standing Moose - 3 Parts George Hurst41:45
    Carving a Tiger Head - 3 Parts George Hurst40:09
    Carving a White Tail Deer Head - 2 Parts George Hurst25:52
    Carving and Embossing A Horse Head - 2 Parts George Hurst23:22
    Carving Oak Leaves - The Red Oak George Hurst14:26
    Carving Oak Leaves - The White Oak George Hurst15:01
    Carving Oak Leaves - Traditional Western George Hurst14:46
    Carving Oak Leaves - Fast & Easy Style George Hurst12:50
    Carving Oak Leaves - Realistic Red Oak George Hurst14:50
    Carving the Wild Rose - 2 Parts George Hurst22:51
    Casual Leather Necklace George Hurst10:40
    CD-DVD Case George Hurst14:59
    Cell Phone Cases - 2 Parts George Hurst25:11
    Celtic Knots and Weaves - 2 Parts George Hurst24:05
    Chaps & Chinks - 3 Parts George Hurst51:06
    Chink Style Handbags - 2 Parts George Hurst27:33
    Christmas Stockings 2 Pts George Hurst23:52
    Cigar Cases 2 Pts George Hurst18:57
    Circle Basket Stamping George Hurst12:04
    Clip-On Cuff Bracelets 2 Pts George Hurst24:21
    Coaster Holder & Coasters 2 Pts George Hurst22:24
    Coloring a Bald Eagle Head - 2 Parts Jim Linnell27:43
    Coloring a Big Mouth Bass - 2 Parts Charlie Davenport22:45
    Coloring a Horse Head George Hurst13:22
    Coloring An Eagle Feather Jim Linnell14:52
    Coloring the Lord's Supper - 7 Parts Charlie Davenport96:10
    Coloring the Standing Eagle - 2 Parts George Hurst25:12
    Coloring the Wild Rose Charlie Davenport14:41
    Concealment Handbag 2 Pts George Hurst29:13
    Covering a Wooden Tool Rack George Hurst19:25
    Cowboy Cuffs George Hurst14:31
    Creating Oak Leaf Patterns - 2 Parts George Hurst17:50
    Creating a 3-D Koi Fish Sculpture - 3 Parts Charlie Davenport37:11
    Crusader Helmet 2 Pts George Hurst26:35
    Crusader Shield 2 Pts George Hurst19:03
    Custom Basket Stamping - 2 Parts George Hurst23:10
    Decorative Toilet Seat Covers 2 Pts George Hurst29:51
    Desk Top Business Card Holder George Hurst10:06
    Desk Top Letter Holder-2 Pts George Hurst17:11
    Dice Cup - 2 Parts George Hurst25:34
    Dining Table Place Settings George Hurst13:43
    Dog Collars George Hurst12:45
    Double Loop Aplique Lacing George Hurst13:42
    Double X & Lazy S Applique Lacing George Hurst10:22
    Dragon Carving - 2 Parts George Hurst28:59
    Eco-Flo - Figure & Pictorial Deer Scene Tony Laier10:37
    Eco-Flo - Basic Special Effects Tony Laier8:42
    Eco-Flo - Coloring A Floral Design Tony Laier8:39
    Eco-Flo - Fall Oak Leaf Shading & Blending Technique Tony Laier9:39
    Eco-Flo - Monochromatic Coloring Tony Laier5:02
    Eco-Flo - Progressive Coloring on Letters Tony Laier7:13
    Eco-Flo - Setting Up Your Workspace for Background Dyeing Tony Laier4:02
    Eco-Flo - Setting Up Your Workspace for Overall Coloring Tony Laier3:26
    Eco-Flo - Setting Up Your Workspace for Special Effects Tony Laier3:05
    Eco-Flo - Setting Up Your Workspace for Spraying Tony Laier2:35
    Eco-Flo - Sheridan Style Resist Coloring Technique Tony Laier4:30
    Eco-Flo - The Basics of Background Dyeing Tony Laier4:21
    Eco-Flo - The Basics of Block Dyeing Tony Laier4:27
    Eco-Flo - The Basics of Overall Coloring Tony Laier7:40
    Eco-Flo - The Basics of Resist Dyeing Tony Laier5:34
    Eco-Flo - The Basics of Shading & Blending Tony Laier4:52
    Embossed Crocodile Belt George Hurst15:00
    Eyeglass Case 2 Pts George Hurst20:32
    Exotic Inlay Notebook Covers 2 Pts George Hurst28:50
    Exotic Inlay Techniques George Hurst13:52
    Fashion Link Belts George Hurst13:20
    Field Notes Cover George Hurst14:10
    Fireplace Log Carrier George Hurst13:53
    Fringed Cross Body Purse George Hurst21:58
    Fringed Key Fobs George Hurst8:00
    Front Pocket Wallet George Hurst22:39
    Game Carrier 2 Pts George Hurst18:37
    Guitar Straps 2 Pts George Hurst17:16
    Hand Crafting Spur Straps George Hurst10:12
    Hand Held Mirror Cover 2 Pts George Hurst18:33
    Holsters-Custom Fitted - 2 Parts George Hurst23:04
    Holster Fast Draw - 3 Parts George Hurst38:50
    Hot Cup Wrap George Hurst13:17
    How-to-Filigree George Hurst10:52
    Hunting Knife Sheaths Custom - 2 Parts George Hurst27:33
    Inverted Carving George Hurst13:56
    Lacing Tips & Hints George Hurst10:37
    Ladies Jiffy Purse 2 Pts George Hurst29:50
    Leather Bench Splitter Cover George Hurst14:44
    Leather Clocks 2 Pts George Hurst21:30
    Leather Covered Belt Buckles George Hurst13:55
    Leather Covered Pillows-2 Pts George Hurst28:01
    Leather Desk Pad George Hurst10:57
    Leather Feathers - 2 Parts Jim Linnell29:15
    Leather Masks Charlie Davenport21:18
    Leather Picture Frames - 2 Parts George Hurst25:58
    Leather Tissue Box Covers - 2Pts George Hurst22:01
    Leather Tool Roll-2 Pts George Hurst19:34
    Leather Vase 2 Pts George Hurst14:52
    Leather Visor George Hurst12:22
    Leather Work Apron 2 Pts George Hurst27:45
    Link Bracelets 2 Pts George Hurst17:21
    Lockback Knife Case - 2 Parts George Hurst20:16
    Magazine Bucket 2 Pts George Hurst23:00
    Making Sandals 2 Pts George Hurst25:47
    Making Tap-Off Patterns George Hurst10:40
    Man Bag 3 Pts George Hurst36:41
    Marketplace Handbag 2 Pts George Hurst30:01
    Martingale Headstall George Hurst8:42
    Mason Jar Holder George Hurst15:08
    Matrix Embossing George Hurst13:30
    Matting & Texturing George Hurst10:58
    Mexican Basketweave Applique George Hurst12:43
    Mexican Basketweave Lacing George Hurst14:02
    Mini Bags George Hurst14:43
    Mini Credit Card Case George Hurst13:30
    Mini Money Makers George Hurst14:07
    Minimal Belt Wallet 2 Pts George Hurst18:32
    Mini Pocket Wallet George Hurst8:30
    Minimal Wallet George Hurst9:56
    Mouse Pads George Hurst8:43
    Notebook Cover w-Croc Print Cow 3 Pts George Hurst33:32
    Notebook Holder George Hurst14:15
    Oak Leaf Stamping - 2 Parts George Hurst19:20
    One-Eared Bridle 2 Pts George Hurst21:35
    Pancake Cell Phone Holster 2 Pts George Hurst29:23
    Pictorial Carving-Clouds-Smoke - 2 Parts George Hurst22:31
    Pictorial Carving-Deciduous Trees-2 Pts George Hurst26:07
    Pictorial Carving-Grass and Logs - 2 Parts George Hurst21:52
    Pictorial Carving-Bushes and Small Trees George Hurst14:47
    Pictorial Carving-Distant Pine Trees-3 Pts George Hurst33:41
    Pictorial Carving-Pine Trees - 2 Parts George Hurst24:19
    Pictorial Carving-Water & Fish-2 Parts George Hurst25:19
    Pine Cone Carving 2 Pts George Hurst27:06
    Pine Cone Stamping George Hurst14:51
    Pocket Knife Cases Custom - 2 Parts George Hurst27:53
    Portable Leather Chess Set 2 Pts George Hurst19:50
    Portable Tool/Pencil Holder Pattern George Hurst12:50
    Ranger Belts - 2 Parts George Hurst21:16
    Rope Roll Belt Making 2 Pts George Hurst26:30
    Roper Wallet George Hurst15:08
    Saddle Cleaning & Conditioning George Hurst13:33
    Saddle Stitching George Hurst14:55
    Secrets of Belt Making George Hurst9:59
    Serpentine Stamping George Hurst14:11
    Sheridan Style Carving - 4 Parts Jim Linnell47:44
    Sheridan Style Carving - 3Pts Jim Linnell41:46
    Shot Shell Bags 2 Pts George Hurst23:24
    Silhouette Carving George Hurst14:01
    Small Belt Arrow Quiver 2 Pts George Hurst22:38
    Smart Phone & Business Card Holder George Hurst18:56
    Smart Phone Case-Molded 2 Pts George Hurst24:00
    Smart Phone Stand 2 Pts George Hurst21:20
    Smart Phone Wrist Purse 2 Pts George Hurst23:51
    Stamping Rope Borders George Hurst11:42
    Steampunk Aviator Goggles - 2 Parts George Hurst25:40
    Steampunk Eye Patch George Hurst14:39
    Steampunk Dragon Scale Gauntlet-2 Pts George Hurst25:56
    Steampunk Full Corset 2 Pts George Hurst28:44
    Steampunk Gaiters-2 Parts George Hurst27:48
    Steampunk Gorget George Hurst14:24
    Steampunk Hanging Cases-2 Pts George Hurst24:33
    Steampunk Hat-2 Parts George Hurst19:47
    Steampunk Ladies Belt-2 Parts George Hurst17:24
    Steampunk Leather Jewelry 3 Pts George Hurst35:59
    Steampunk Mini-Corset-2 Pts George Hurst22:08
    Steampunk Plague Doctor Mask-2 Parts George Hurst23:39
    Steampunk Rounded Belt Bag - 3 Parts George Hurst40:50
    Steampunk Shaker Hat-2 Pts George Hurst22:29
    Steampunk Shoulder Armor-2 Pts George Hurst26:20
    Steampunk Square Belt Bag - 3 Parts George Hurst36:00
    Steampunk Respirator Mask George Hurst14:01
    Steampunk Wristbands 3 Pts George Hurst37:23
    Steampunk Wristbands/Cuffs-3 Parts George Hurst41:32
    Stirrup Bag George Hurst15:00
    Swivel Knife Case-2 Pts George Hurst18:06
    Switch Plate Covering George Hurst13:31
    Tatoo Artists Apron George Hurst14:59
    Tiffany Lamps 2 Pts George Hurst20:48
    Tooling With Modeling Tools George Hurst13:26
    Triple Loop Lacing George Hurst13:30
    Tri-Weave Basket Stamping George Hurst13:02
    Two-Tone Double-Looped Lacing George Hurst11:40
    Weight Lifting Belt 2 Pts George Hurst17:25
    Western Bridle 2 Pts George Hurst13:08
    Western Saddle Bags-Style 1 - 3 Parts George Hurst39:28
    Western Saddle Bags-Style 2 - 2 Parts George Hurst24:00
    Western Styled Tote Bags - 3Pts George Hurst42:48
    Wet on Wet Dyeing Techniques Charlie Davenport14:19
    Wine Bottle Carrier 2 Pts George Hurst29:19
    Wrap Bracelets 2 Parts George Hurst23:38